Sales Tax Starter Kit

  • Nexus Study ($500 Value) – Learn definitively where you have sales tax responsibility
  • Liability Estimate ($500 Value)  – Discover your overall sales tax exposure across all of your nexus states
  • 1-Hour Q&A ($250 Value) – Take 60 minutes with a Permitted expert to discuss your specific needs & concerns, then set a game plan for moving forward
  • 1 Sales Tax Permit Registration ($100 Value) – The Permitted team will fully manage the registration for a sales tax permit in one state
  • $600 Credit for MuseMinded Services – Apply $600 toward setting up accounting automation, managing your ongoing accounting, or catchup bookkeeping (Credit expires 7/31/2018)

$1,950 Value…. COMPLETELY FREE

***This offer is only eligible for US-based Sellers***


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