NXTAS is now MuseMinded

Today is a big day for my (relatively) small firm.

Today, I've officially relaunched NXTAS as MuseMinded.

When I started NXTAS in mid 2014, I ventured to build an accounting firm that combined a deep focus on Amazon sellers with efficient, next generation cloud tools.

Almost two years later now, I’ve had the opportunity to dive deeper into this community of Amazon sellers that I serve and deeper into my own understanding of what I'm passionate about.

More specifically, the biggest discovery has been uncovering the widespread desire for lifestyle business in the Amazon community and realizing I have the same passion.

Upon exploring this connection more, it became very apparent to me that several changes needed to be made… from the way I deliver value to this community (via products and services) to the most basic way I position the firm (i.e. the name and branding).

The name, MuseMinded, was inspired by the Muse concept described in Tim Ferriss’ great book “The Four Hour Workweek.” MuseMinded was inspired around the idea that we can be successful in business without being enslaved to our work… that we can build a business that supports a great lifestyle, rather than replaces it.

Of course, changing names and branding and websites is painful. So much so that I resisted the thought for several months… but eventually it became obvious to me that I couldn't really thrive until everything about the company from top to bottom supported this central idea of lifestyle.

That meant I needed better, more congruent branding.. and a name people could actually pronounce! (face palm)

So, today, I'm launching several changes:

  • New Name/Logo - Effective immediately you should find the name MuseMinded everywhere. If you happen to spot “NXTAS” somewhere, I’d be grateful if you let me know.
  • New Color Palette/Imagery - With the new colors and photography, I wanted to bring out bright, aspirational themes dealing with ambition… but also grounded, earthy themes touching on nature and adventurous experiences.
  • New Product Focus - Over time, I’ve uncovered a need in the market for sellers to have a do-it-yourself option in addition to a done-for-you option. To meet that I need, I’m now focusing on creating DIY accounting courses for sellers.

This is just the beginning, though. Over the coming months I look forward to discovering and releasing new ways to support this community of lifestyle Amazon sellers.

In the mean time, please reach out if you have any questions for me. Also, if you have any ideas or feedback on how I could better accomplish this mission for you and the larger Amazon community, I’d love to hear from you.

See you at the summit,

P.s. If you’d like to learn more about my journey of starting this firm, why don’t you check out my new About page.