Services Built for Amazon-Focused Sellers

When all you've been doing since 2014 is accounting for Amazon sellers, you might know a thing or two that the average accountant doesn't know.

We've leveraged this knowledge to custom build automation and streamlined services that make life easier, faster, and more insightful for Amazon sellers. 


Say Goodbye to Your Compliance Worries

Bookkeeping? Check. Income Tax? Check.
Sales Tax? Check.

Seriously, we've got you covered!


Take Your Business to the Next Level by Gamifying

It's not really work if you're having fun, right?!

Our proprietary growth program, The Great Seller Games, walks sellers through the 4 dynamics to gamify their business and supercharge their growth.

Check out our GSG Beta to become an early adopter.


Want More Happiness? Try Buying More Time!

The research is out. Buying yourself out of mundane or disliked tasks makes you happier.

So break free from holding your accountant's hand, keying in financial data, or feeling out of control.


Take back your time and your happiness today!


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I am a disaster in communication but you just seem to know how I want to book expenses. Stuff is 99.999% done right the first time. You also keep me out of trouble when I want to book expenses but may get questioned in an audit. Really easy to work with.
— Dan Dudley, Private Label Seller from Colorado
Our tax accountants were very pleased with the books this year and complimented that it was very easy to extract all the needed information for tax filings. I think their services really took good control over one side of our business. I highly recommend them.
— Mark Hoffman, Private Label Seller from Florida
Thanks very much for all your help so far with the accounting. Your guidance has been greatly appreciated, and I really feel like I’m running a business in a more professional manner.
— Davidson Hepburn, Private Label Seller from Florida

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A note from our founder

Hi there, welcome to MuseMinded! 

I started this company because I’m passionate about options. Like many folks in the Internet economy, I was captivated by Tim Ferriss's Muse concept and the provocative idea that we could have a great business AND a great life.

For me, I wanted the opportunity to provide for my family AND watch my little boy grow up right before my eyes. After a series of early career setbacks, I realized I couldn't have both working a desk job in an office across town. 

Today we can proudly say we're on our way to building our own Muse by helping our customers build theirs. 

Read more about our story here.