Hi there, so glad you’ve stopped by to check us out!

Since you’re here to learn more about our business, do you mind if I just drop all the vague corporate cliches, and let you know who we really are, what we believe in, and why our business even matters?

So who am I?

For starters, my name is Jeremiah. I started MuseMinded.

I’m passionate about entrepreneurship and family and living with intention.

It’s my mission to help automate (as much as currently possible) the accounting process for Amazon sellers… and more than that: I want to help you turn accounting into a strategic strength for your business, not just an afterthought to file taxes.

how on earth did I get into accounting, anyways?

Well, ever since I was a young chap, I’ve always dreamed of crunching numbers in a spreadsheet for businesses. Okay, no. That was a total lie. Do those kind of people even exist?

The truth is I made a strategic decision midway through college to take up accounting as a skill. I knew that I was going to eventually start my own business, and I wanted to make sure I had a good financial head on my shoulders.

Little did I know, my first business was going to be helping small business owners get a good financial head on their shoulders too.

How I actually got around to starting this business is a pretty interesting story…

I put myself through college doing marketing for hotels. And a few months after graduating, I married the love of my life. We both continued with our respective jobs until 6 months later we found out we were expecting the first addition to our family.

Faced with the cold reality of providing for my growing family, I knew I had to kick my career into high gear. Through a series of wild events (that I’ll probably share in a blog post some time), I landed a job at one of the top cloud accounting firms in the country.

I figured I was on a nice smooth road to financial stability and upward mobility… until WHAM! One month before our baby was due, the firm decided to let me go. Needless to say, we were FREAKING OUT... a little bit.

As I sat with my wife (bulging tummy and all) in Dunkin Donuts… we realized we were at a crossroads. I could either take the safe road and grab a desk job somewhere, or I could try to strike it out on my own in pursuit of the deepest passions of my life.

On the one hand, I could pretty much guarantee that my family’s needs would be taken care of if I took the desk job. On the other hand, I knew that I’d not only rot from the inside out, but I’d also miss out on the chance to see my little boy wake up every day.

As two very divergent paths lay before us, we had this gut feeling that this could be one of "those" moments.  

You know... The kind of moment that grandpas tell their grandkids around a bonfire about how when he was young, he chose to strike it out on his own against all the odds and how he actually came out on the other side successful (and mostly sane).

Well, that's how MuseMinded got started... Seated in a Dunkin Donuts right off a busy highway in Atlanta. 

We decided to take the plunge... even though we only had a few months of savings in the bank, a new house note, and our first child due the next month. 

Well, truth be told, it wasn't all peaches and cream from then on. Growth was REALLY slow. But bit by bit we started to grow.

Probably the biggest God-send was Scott and Patti Scharf of Catching Clouds. With their help and mentorship, we were able to start helping smaller ecommerce clients get set up with accounting systems. 

Eventually that started to pick up steam, and we noticed a big opportunity to help the underserved market of Amazon sellers. 

Within six months we were fully supported by the business (actually, the exact month we ran out of savings). 

And here we are today with a thriving accounting business helping Amazon sellers conquer the financial corner of their business. 

But this brings me to a good point…

WHY the heck would we go through all that uncertainty and stress?

Well at the end of the day, my wife and I realized that we valued lifestyle options more than security. And that if we could actually pull this thing off, we'd eventually have more security anyways. 

Personally, I wanted the chance to provide for my family AND get to spend loads of time with them by working from home. 

And it dovetails perfectly with how I want to bring value to the world: by empowering my customers to experience the same freedom that a lifestyle business brings... Freedom to make a good living AND pursue their highest passions.

So I intentionally design every product and service to support this one thing: lifestyle for Amazon sellers. 

For example, I don’t set up just any old accounting system for sellers… I set up highly AUTOMATED accounting systems, so there’s time to do other things. And I’m always tweaking the system to make it more efficient.

Also, I provide do-it-yourself resources to save sellers money in the beginning. Eventually, though, the time comes when owners need to double-down on the activities that bring the most value to the business, so I’m working to build a team that can seamlessly take over financial activities in an outsourced, “done-for-you” fashion. It’s all about lifestyle… and it will always be about lifestyle.