Hi there!

Welcome to the first step of the MuseMinded onboarding process. We absolutely LOVE working with Ecommerce Brands to achieve their lifestyle dreams, and we're excited about the prospect of working with you. 

The first thing we'd like you to know is that we've crafted every aspect of our customer onboarding process to treat you exactly the way we would like to be treated when we are becoming a customer of a service... that means:

  • Being Approachable – No hard-selling reps hounding your inbox, pushing you to convert into a customer. We will gently remind you if we've not heard back from you in a while, but you are free to move forward whenever you'd like or go with a different service provider if you feel that's in your best interest.

  • Being Efficient – Our custom-built workflows, optimized across hundreds of customer experiences, are designed to quickly understand your business and integrate our team into your operations with as little time and interruption to your daily flow as possible.

  • Being Professional – While you are always welcome to ping us to get an update, you can rest assured that we will be in complete control of your project, seeing it through to completion. While in progress, we will make every effort to keep you in the loop and inform you promptly if we need some additional resource on your end.

Assuming that kind of experience resonates with you, you will kick off our no-obligation onboarding by completing the proposal request below this note. Estimated completion time is 5 - 8 minutes, depending on how thorough you are.

Because every potential customer's situation is a little different, your answers below will help us customize a project price built specifically for your situation and the work that needs to be done.

So, in summary, thank you for your interest in working with us. I look forward to learning about your needs and potentially beginning a remarkable business relationship.


Note 1: If you get stuck on a question or are unsure how to proceed, go ahead and fill out the form as best as you can, then book a discovery call to sort out your needs and how we could potentially help you.

Note 2: At the moment, we are not able to support the following sellers or services:

  1. Sales Tax Registrations or Sales Tax Management Only — Generally, we refer this work to Tax Butler.

  2. Tax Services for Non-US Citizens — Due to complexity, we are unable to accommodate foreign and US entities with non-US owners.

  3. Primarily Arbitrage or Wholesale Sellers — If you are building an ecommerce brand, please proceed! If not, feel free to reach out and we’d be happy to connect with other firms that have ecommerce experience.

  4. Sellers Under $30,000/month in Sales — Due to capacity constraints, we are temporarily pausing new client onboarding for sellers on our lowest plan. We hope to resume this new plan sometime in early 2019.