Earn recurring and one-time income for introducing us to Amazon sellers in need and influencers in the Amazon seller community. Absolutely no gimmicks... we love to pay referral fees!


A Note From Jeremiah:

One of the core values that runs deepest through our firm is the pursuit of Shared Success... we love the idea that we can win in business by helping someone else win in theirs.

Shared Success is what inspired us to create this program and put 100% of our marketing efforts behind it. This is not a side project for us. We are fully committed to developing a world-class program to help our referral partners introduce Amazon sellers to the financial products and services that are desperately needed in the marketplace today.

I invite you to read through the program details below and envision how you can leverage our expertise, your contacts, and the growing need in the Amazon community to create a true win-win-win experience in the coming weeks and months.

Here's to our shared success,
Jeremiah Kovacs

additional Benefits to consider

  • 100% of our marketing efforts are focused on investing in our referral partners – That means you won't join in order to be added to our trophy shelf of other referral partners. We plan to regularly connect with and support each and every referral partner. In addition, there will always be an open line of communication to kick around ideas to increase awareness and deliver value.
  • Conversion optimization – Since increasing conversion rates has a direct impact on the amount of income you can earn through this program, we are investing a great deal of resources into conversion optimization. Currently, we convert on our courses at about 6%, and you can expect that number to rise.
  • Growing content resources – In order to help our referral partners lead with value before an offer, we are developing exclusive content to serve as lead magnets and funnel resources for our referral partners' audience.
  • Expanding catalog of products and services – In addition to optimizing our existing products and services, one of our central goals is create additional financial products and services that are meaningful to Amazon sellers. And we plan to continue to create until we've exhausted every reasonable idea. This translates to an ever-growing amount of potential revenue streams for you.
  • Perks of the accounting industry – two interesting perks about partnering with an accounting firm:
    • Recurring revenue with very low churn... we serve clients on a monthly basis, and most tend to stick with an accountant for a very long time. Both translate to reliable income.
    • Tax season comes EVERY year... there is a built-in reminder each year that people need to get their financial systems together, and it provides a great opportunity to rerun successful past promotions.

Client Criteria

Our ideal student/client is a seller whose PRIMARY sales channel is Amazon.

Normally, sellers generating less than $30,000/month in revenue outside of Q4 are a good fit for our courses. Above that target, we've noticed sellers tend to work with us on outsourced-service basis.

Note: It's normal for Amazon sellers to sell on other platforms as secondary sources of income, and our resources address other major platforms in a limited fashion.

Partner Criteria

All partners are personally vetted and applying to be a partner is no guarantee of acceptance.

At the end of the day, we are looking for quality over quantity.

For us, we define "quality" as partners who buy into our three relational values:

  • People First – we value people over money, always
  • Transparency – we do not seek personal gain by being deceitful
  • Shared Success – we seeking win-win opportunities, always

If these three values resonate with you, then you will likely make a great candidate for a referral partnership with our firm.

Additional Details

  • There are no fees to apply to be a referral partner, and there are no dues if you become one.
  • Commissions are paid on the 10th and 25th of each month via PayPal.
  • We track all sales for you, and you will have access to your stats via your affiliate area. 

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