“MuseMinded are the gold standard in this space. I’ve tried 5 other bookkeepers, and it cost me a lot of re-work. If you aim to sell, or want full confidence in your financial records, it’s MuseMinded, then everybody else.”

Jason P., North Carolina

“MuseMinded isn’t your typical e-commerce accounting firm. You can tell they’ve only ever worked with Amazon sellers. They’re on the pulse of the Amazon ecosystem more than anybody else. If you have a chance to work with them, take it - they’re accounting unicorns.

Paul S., Louisiana

“As our brand has approached the 7 figure mark, partnering with the MuseMinded team has been key to scaling and automating our business. Having them on board has allowed us to focus on what we do best - product creation and marketing - because we know we are working with a team we can trust, that can scale the accounting side of the business in step with the rest of the organization.”

Jim W., Leitchfield KY

“Thanks very much for all your help so far with the accounting. Your guidance has been greatly appreciated, and I really feel like I’m running a business in a more professional manner.”

Davidson H., Florida

“Our tax accountants were very pleased with the books this year and complimented that it was very easy to extract all the needed information for tax filings. I think their services really took good control over one side of our business. I highly recommend them.”

Mark H., Florida

“I am a disaster in communication but you just seem to know how I want to book expenses. Stuff is 99.999% done right the first time. You also keep me out of trouble when I want to book expenses but may get questioned in an audit. Really easy to work with.”

Dan D., Colorado