Our niche expertise = easier delegation and faster turnaround times for you

Since 2014, our team has processed over $250,000,000 worth of transactions for Amazon sellers. Normally, we’ve already seen 90+% of the transactions that a typical seller encounters in their business. This experience translates to far less input and hand holding from you and much faster turnaround times on your projects.

7 – Average business days to close monthly books for our entire client base

Every year with us gets better for you

There’s a subtle but powerful difference between knowing about Amazon sellers, making Amazon sellers one of your specialities, and aligning every component of your organization with maximizing value exclusively for Amazon-centric sellers. When 100% of our innovation is built to make your life better, ROI on your investment with us only goes up over time.


33% – How much we’ve LOWERED our prices in the last year due to increases in efficiency

Save as much as $400/month in software subscriptions

To speed up our workflow, we’ve built internal apps to automate function like processing Amazon and Shopify payouts and generating reports. The fair market value of apps running similar processes can cost as much as $400 per month on your own. We pass along their functionality to you at no extra charge.

5 – Custom-developed apps we’ve built internally (and more to come)

Collaborate with us wherever you are in the world

Our business is virtual just like yours. Our workflows work seamlessly whether you are coworking in Thailand or backpacking through South America. Just be sure to send us pictures!

3 – Continents our virtual team is spread across

A six-figure finance department accessible to even the smallest Amazon seller

Gone are the days of needing to be an 8-figure sellers just to get a handle on your books, taxes, and cash flow. We are on a singular mission to leverage technology to bring world class finance capabilities to the common seller. In short, we are here to democratize financial freedom for Amazon sellers.

$152,000 – The combined median salary of a bookkeeper, CPA, and tax accountant.

“As our brand has approached the 7 figure mark, partnering with the MuseMinded team has been key to scaling and automating our business. Having them on board has allowed us to focus on what we do best - product creation and marketing - because we know we are working with a team we can trust, that can scale the accounting side of the business in step with the rest of the organization.”
— Jim W., Leitchfield KY